Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heljan Western DCC Conversion and Kadee Fitting

1. Disassembly

There are no retaining screws for the main body moulding. But it is hard to grip anywhere - DO NOT grip the chassis by the fuel tanks as these are only held on by four skinny plastic clips and it is very easy to break them ( I speak from experience). The best disassmbly mechanism is to insert two thin sheets of soft bendable plastic one on each side below the drivers door and lift one end of the body up using these pieces of plastic as levers.

DCC fitting - the pin 1 diagram is not that obvious on the instruction sheets - here is a picture that should hope make it clearer. I used a LENZ silver, the silver direct would NOT fit under the body.

Kadees - I used number 19s directly on the NEM sockets. They seemed to work fine.

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