Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bachmann 9F decoder and kadee fitting

Some notes on fitting a decoder to a Bachmann 9F - for my own poor memory and to help others...

First release the pony truck front bogie by releasing the obvious screw (green arrow indicates)

Then release the two screws shown by the red arrows and the body should be able to be removed.

I fitted a LENZ silver, note that a LENZ silver direct would not fit.

I always cover my decoders with 13mm heat shrink insulating tubing from Maplin. A quick blast with a hairdryer is sufficient to shrink it around the decoder.

Then I placed the decoder in the smoke box of the 9F...

While I was at it I fitted Kadees in the NEM pockets - they were perhaps very slightly high - see pictures against the height gauge below.

I used number 20s but I think 19s would be fine (I had run out of them so couldn't try)..


Doug said...

Do you haul from the front?

I prefer to stick on all the pipe and hose accessories to make it look good on the front and only haul from the rear. A turntable helps.

andrea chiu said...

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